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Affordable Carpet Guide Melbourne

About Floorworld

At Floorworld we pride ourselves on providing high quality and affordable carpet solutions to our clients in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We offer our clients with a wide range of carpet products from the leading brands in the carpet industry, including Feltex Carpets, Invicta and Crown Carpets.


We have a wealth of experience in the carpet industry, providing our range of affordable carpet products to homes and businesses throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. Our carpets are available in a wide range of different fibres, textures, patterns and colours, ensuring that we have an affordable carpet products and service for your requirements.

Carpet Fibres

We provide our clients with a wide range of carpet fibre options at our Melbourne Floorworld stores, including:


Our exceptional buying power at Floorworld, with over 12 stores throughout Melbourne, allows us to pass on the incredible saving we make on our carpet range. This means we can provide our high quality carpets at affordable prices and ensures that you are happy with our durable and stylish products.

Melbourne, Victoria
  Phone   1300 727 660

We provide the following products to our Melbourne clients:

  • Cut Pile Plush Carpet
  • Cut Pile Twist Carpet
  • Loop Pile Carpet
  • Sisal Carpet
  • Level Loop and Cut Pile Carpet
  • Hi-Lo Loop Pile Carpet
  • Frieze Carpet
  • Textured Loop and Cut Pile Carpet

We stock the highest quality carpet brands at our Melbourne stores, including:

  • Feltex Carpets
  • Redbook Carpets
  • Redbook Total
  • Redbook Green Carpets
  • Crown Carpets
  • Premium Crown Carpets
  • Invicta
  • Minster
  • Victoria Carpets
  • Signature Floorcoverings
  • beaulieu Australia

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We have many Floorworld stores throughout the Melbourne area, supplying high quality and affordable carpet and flooring solutions to properties throughout the metropolitan region.

Contact Us:

Contact one of our professional and friendly carpet specialists from Floorworld on 1300 727 660 today to find an affordable carpet solution for your Melbourne property.